Friday, January 25, 2013

An Update

I haven't been around here much lately, as you might have noticed. I've been going through a lot of changes lately. I've had migraines most of my life. I mean the debilitating can't get out of bed kind. I've tried almost everything in the world to get rid of them. Western medicine, alternative medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture etc. While some of those methods worked for a time, I am still struggling to get rid of them for good. Lately they had just been super out of control. Then I read an article that said how many migraines come from food intolerances, and it gave a list of the top foods that gave people migraines. So finally I found myself at a place where I would do anything to make them stop. So I eliminated all of those foods from my diet and it's helped. But here's the deal. Those foods are almost everything I use for baking. Wheat, sugar, dairy and even eggs. So this has left me at a place where I am still adapting to my new life, (I've also been sick with the flu) and I'm not sure where I stand with my blog. I know I will bake again for others, so do I blog when I bake for them even though I can't really taste it or enjoy it? Or do I change my blog completely and only blog about super healthy gluten free and sugar free stuff? Or do I not blog at all? I'm still getting healthy and figuring it out, so thank you for bearing with me while I sort it all out.
Edited to add: I've recieved many sweet words of encouragement from you all, thank you so much, I appreciate it!


Trish said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with such horrible migraines. I get them too, but nowhere near that bad. And I say, continue to blog what your passion is, if it still feels fun to you. So blog about the traditional recipes, but incorporate the new ones too. They're both still a part of your life, so I think it fits.

Mindy said...

I have a girlfriend who suffered from migraines her whole life. Several years ago, she cut dairy and gluten from her diet and hasn't had one since.
I do a big coursed meal for her birthday every year, and it's definitely a challenge for this bread and cheese lover, but it's kinda fun to try new things and hunt for ideas throughout the year.
I say, if you love to blog, blog what you're excited about, whether it's something you're feeding someone else, or something you're eating. I think it will organically grow into whatever you're passionate about, if you don't over think it.
Some may go, but new ones will come. Can't please 'em all, right?
Good luck with whatever you decide. And I hope the new diet continues to keep the headaches at bay!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I hope you can get to be rid of the migraines soon. As for the blogging, please do not stop, we enjoy your blog a lot and the recipes are a real treat too, so, please continue to include them in the posts. I will pray that you become rid of those headaches - no one needs that pain!


The Alchemist said...

Trish - Thank you for the kind words and good advice.

Mindy - What a trip! So I'm not the only one. Thank you for the sweet advice.

Sarah - Thank you!

PlanetMarsy said...

i hope you feel better and be able to continue blogging soon. your easy to follow recipe made me enjoy baking! i tried and never failed to be impressed with the outcome. God bless you more and i hope you feel better soon :)

Carole said...

Melissa. Good luck with dealing to the migraines - I had them for years but they finally went after I stopped taking the pill. Cheers

PS also just letting you know that your link to Food on Friday: Apples was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series today.

Unknown said...

Hey Melissa, I do miss you so much:( I am so sorry you are going through this and wish I had the answer. I totally understand and you need to do what is right for you. I am changing my direction of my little blog because I have just got to lose weight and eat healthier:) And it's working, I am blogging about what I am doing and the healthy recipes I am preparing.
I know we would all love to hear how you are cooping with this in your diet. And would love for you to share you creative recipes that are gluten free and sugar free;) I miss your sense of humor.

Sending extra hugs!!!